Ain’t Over Til It’s Over ~ Run-off Election for Lake Worth District Four Commissioner Will Be Held March 26th

UPDATE: The City Attorney has offered an alternative to holding the run-off election. Please see the latest breaking news from the Lake Worth Herald.

The election held on March 12 produced no clear winner in the race for the District Four Commissioner. A majority of 50% plus one vote is required. The two top vote getters in the four way race were incumbent Herman Robinson with 48.81% and Tom Copeland with 27.73%. Although Copeland has “conceded” the race to Robinson, the run-off is still mandated and preparations for the election are underway according to the Lake Worth City Clerk’s office. According to the Deputy Supervisor of the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office, Robin Rorapaugh told the Herald that the decision lies with the City Clerk who is bound by the City Charter which states in Article 5, Section 4

“Whenever a general or a special election is held to fill any elective office in the city, the candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast at such election to fill such office shall be declared to be duly elected; provided that in the event no candidate for a particular elective office shall receive a majority of the votes cast at such election to fill such office, then a run-off election shall be held two (2) weeks after the original election to elect a candidate to fill such office”